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The Actual Beauty Of Music Is That It Connects People!

At Avijit Music Tutorial, you will get the best and professional coaches who will connect with you to take out your emotions and feelings through singing and will help you to improve through regular classes.

About Avijit Roy

I'm Avijit Roy,a singer,Voice trainer,musician,performer with experience of 15years. I am Master digree holder on Vocal Music From UGC recognized university.I have been teaching since last 15 years, i have gathered lots of experiences in this field apart from that i'm a performer also.I emphasis on voice culture. Not just singing but also voice, singing style,Karaoke singing, posture etc.I have been fortunate enough to educate a diverse group of students.I have trained 5000+ students through my webinar already. 

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We Value Your Melodious Voice!.

The ultimate vision here is to train our students not only with singing but with the best voice, singing style, Karaoke singing, posture, etc.

"About Avijit Music Tutorial. Enhance Your Talent With Us!"
Although you may be acquainted with online singing classes, they have been accessible for some time. Several aspects should be considered while considering the benefits of online singing lessons vs. in-person singing lessons. That is the actual reason why we are here to help you achieve. Although if he or she is hidden behind such a monitor, your coach can still offer you some of the best singing advice you've ever had. If you wanted to take singing lessons in the past, users had to actually move anywhere and sit (or stand) with an educator throughout, usually for an hour at a specific time and place. Nonetheless, because of technological advancements, companies like us now offer online singing lessons to let you learn singing. We have experience of 15 years, and we emphasize voice culture. Our focus is not just on singing but also voice, singing style, Karaoke singing, posture, etc. We are fortunate enough to educate a diverse group of students. At AvjitMusic, there are trained 5000+ students through webinars already


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Our Online lessons Will Give You An Unlimited Freedom.

When you’re at home, you can virtually connect to your class at any time. If you work, this could be a significant improvement in terms of having more options for classes before or after work.

With Us, You Will Spend Less Money And Time Commuting.

If your vocal coach is only a 20-minute drive away, taking online singing lessons will save you an hour of trip time. Operationally, you should leave at least a half-hour before your arrival time.

Learn From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Everyone is unique, but learning to sing online may be less scary than going to a new location for some people. For somebody who is new to singing, being in your own surroundings, with no one but your own relatives around, maybe a great place of happiness. 


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